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The Worm / Chaste Moon 16th March 2014

The Worm Moon

Often called the Chaste Moon, Symbolic of the Goddess returning in all her maiden glory. March is a time of purity and new growth on the earth. The beginning of Spring; representing youth, childhood and innocence, before summer blooms and grows into maturity. It holds some irony, as it is shortly before Ostara, which in contrast is a time of fertility with some paths undertaking fertility rituals.

This is an excellent time to set goals, plan rituals, decide what is ready to come out of hibernation. The full worm moon is about new beginnings, finding balance and breaking illusions.

About the worm moon.
In March, as the temperature begins to rise, and the ground begins to thaw, earthworm casts appearing, heralding the return of the robins. For this reason this moon is often known as the Worm Moon. Northern/ Native American tribes know it as the Full Crow Moon, when the cawing of the crows signaled the end of winter, or the Full Crust Moon as the snow became crusty as it thawed by day and froze at night. The Full Sap Moon, referring to the time of tapping maple trees is also used. Its considered the last Full Moon of winter. Its also know as, lenten moon, death moon, sugar moon, fish moon, windy moon, plough moon, seed moon and storm moon.

Celebrating the Worm Moon

On the night of the Worm moon, select some symbolic seeds of the personal seeds you would like to grow. They could be seeds of patience, courage, wisdom, understanding. You can plant these seeds by meditation, by your own will and visualization or with a physical ritual using a bulb for you to nurture through the coming months. However you sow your seeds, repeat this simple incantation:

'Plant, sow, energize and grow
This is my wish ( speak you wish)
Goddess Moon, make it so'

More idea's

  • Decorate an alter to the Goddess, Moon or your Deity
  • prepare your garden for sowing
  • bless your garden under the full moon and ask for a healthy and abundant garden
  • prepare yourself for change
  • healing - imagine sap flowing trough your body healing, repairing and bringing energy
  • write in a journal, stating your hopes and dreams 

The energy of the full moon can be an effective in the process of letting go. This could be physical, spiritual or emotional. Clean your house, get rid of unwanted things to charity. If you have emotional baggage to release, write it down on paper. Ask for it to be taken from you and burn the paper!

  • Colour; greens, red, violet, yellow and purple
  • Stones; Aquamarine and bloodstone
  • Elements; Water
  • Totem Animal; boar, sea eagle, hedgehog, cougar
  • Scents; honeysuckle, apple blossom
  • Flowers; Jonquil, daffodil and violet

Bright Blessing on this Worm Moon : )

                                                      Sources, Farmers almanac, and My Brain!

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