Monday, 10 March 2014

Psychic Meditation - An Unexpected Experience


Having meditated for a number of years I have become settled in my routine and journey to my happy place, using crystals to enhance my mediation session and balance my Chakras.

Historically, if the question was asked, i would explain  that my reasons for meditating would only be for my general sense of well being. 

An Unexpected Experience

I have since experienced an evening of what I would describe as Psychic Meditation. 

Having been asked to join two friends that work with Spirit for an evening of mediation, and to bring along my crystals to enhance the session. I believe I was as intrigued to meditate as part of a circle, as they were curious to discover what differences my crystals would bring. 

After the three of us formed a circle, surrounded by my cleansed and charged crystals, we began our meditation. I quickly realized the experience was not what i had been expected. I fell almost instantly into deep meditation, and my usual path, to my safe, happy place was nowhere to be seen! 

After seeing the new world evolving in front of me, i had the distinct feeling I was experiencing this through the eyes of an animal. I found myself running deep within in a forest, being flanked by Native Indians. 

Native Indians have never been a subject I've been drawn to, so after the meditation ended i felt a bit bemused! My only possible explanation is the White Sage smudge stick I had brought with me, which was originally a Native American ritual tool, had some effect.

My first realisation after the mediation had ended, was how strong the experience had been, far outweighing anything I had accomplished previously. I became acutely aware of how strong my Aura / energy field felt. I was able to feel my energy initially with my hands almost a foot apart!

My friends then zoned in on Spirit and opened themselves up. At this point, although I felt safe within our circle, I felt the shift in the atmosphere outside of our crystal circle. My outside shoulder felt chilly, and my senses were completely heightened to the surroundings. 

Our experiences that evening far surpassed what I expected. The combination of the Power Of Three, the use of Crystals and the energy flowing between us opened up to a direct link with spirit, a incredibly accurate reading, with even myself having a visual experience, and a powerful intuition, seeming to know things that were far more than an educated guesses.

I have long believed that most have a Psychic ability, an intuition that in the right circumstances can be tapped into. I feel even more resolute in this theory now. 

I can't wait for the next meditation evening, and what it will bring. 

If you want to have a go at meditating i found an article!
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Bright Blessings


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