Thursday, 13 February 2014

Willows Broom idea is born

So, my mum buys me a beautiful sterling silver pentagram bracelet with a stunning hare charm for Christmas and my good friend brought me a mini broom stick. 


Then i lose my bracelet in Birmingham. I frantically call around every place we visited that day, with no luck. My beautiful bracelet has gone forever. But of out something negative, something very positive is born.

I start looking on the internet to replace it, and start looking through Pagan, Wiccan, Spiritual websites for my bracelet. What strikes me is how so many websites are out of stock, unloved, neglected sites.  Also, that the sites sold either incense, really dark occult products, or just jewellery. 

So, whilst swimming one afternoon with my mum, ( all the best ideas happen in water for me- i am a picses) i decided i wanted to build a web shop. I wanted to sell really nice, sterling silver jewellery with Pagan influences. I want to sell all the things i use, that i normally source form ebay, that comes battered in the post, sometimes smelling of tobacco smoke, if it comes at all. 

So, to add to my jewellery range, i want to sell; incenses, beautiful candle holders, spell candles, herbs, smudge sticks, crystals, stunning carved wooden boxes to keep herbs, trinkets, and dowsing pendulums .
A one stop shop for all things spiritual and pagan. 

But, as a genuine lover of all such things,  sourced ethically where possible. I refuse to sell dream catchers, purchased in bulk from India or China for pennies, when i myself have made dream catchers for years, and understand the time taken, with bare hands to craft such a thing. And, whist making i have made the dream catchers, crafted them  with love, weaving positive vibes to really benefit the home it will live in.

Willows Broom Closet

I will make my website resourceful, and my products will come with guides, such as how to smudge your home or yourself! 
I will make products myself where possible, and will look to others that create there own wares to sell or buy from traceable sources. I will understand what i sell, so i can advise others. I will not sell dark products that will be used for harm, but promote goodness and light. I will bless my products and cleanse my crystals and run Willows Broom Closet with love and light. 

Now, i've just got the small task of building a website!

Wish me luck : )

Blessed be, 


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